The Caribbean Media Awards celebrates and gives recognition to the best in the United States and Caribbean travel journalism. A new category has been recently added, the 'I Have Influence award for the best campaign by an influencer'.

The closing date for entries is Friday 5th, April, 2019, at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time. The winners will be revealed at the Travel Industry Awards Dinner on Thursday 6th, June, 2018, during Caribbean Week New York.

Highlighted below are a few of the awards which may be of interest to you:

Oh Snap!

  • Best Photograph in conjunction with a feather Article

Virtual Visitor Awards

  • Best Feature in an online publication not including blogs

Up the Social Ladder

  • Best Social Media Marketing Campaign by a CTO Member Country

Look, I’ve Gone Social

  • Most Outstanding Social Media coverage of an event or activity by a journalist

Me Too! I Rediscovered Home!

  • Best feature by a Diaspora Journalist in US and Caribbean Media

No Anansi Story!

  • Best feature by a Caribbean-Based Journalist that appeared in Caribbean-Based Media

I Have Influence

  • Best Executed Travel Influencer Campaign That Has Delivered Results Based on Agreed Objectives

Oh my word, I Blogged!

  • This award is given to the person voted as having written the best travel blog posting about the Caribbean or any CTO member country. The entry must have been posted during the 2018 calendar year. The winner is decided by public vote.

Guidelines for Submission

A scanned copy from the publication(s) in pdf or jpeg and, where possible, a web link.

A copy of the script (to include transcript of the SOTs and lead ins) and a digital link to the feature.

One jpg copy of the photograph AND one electronic copy of the publication (to include the photo) in which the photograph appeared, in pdf or a link to the story (with photo).

A link to the feature.

A description of the campaign/coverage together with documentary support – a collage of photos, links, etc., in jpeg, png or pdf.

The brief, the objectives and goals of the campaign or activity to include any KPI’s agreed to measure its success; how the campaign was planned and what collaboration took place; the creative/innovative methodologies used; and how the KPIs were met or exceeded.

Print: (newspaper and magazine) entries must clearly show the name of the publication, the date of publication, the title(s) and the name(s) of the journalist(s).

Only entries submitted by CTO government members, their public relations agencies or qualified journalists shall be eligible.  

No fee is required to submit.

The relevant category being entered must be clearly specified with each entry.

 Broadcast entries must include name of entity that broadcast the piece, the date and time of broadcast and the names of the producer(s) and presenter(s).

 Eligible participants may enter as many categories as they wish but may not submit more than one (1) entry per category.  

For the Golden Mic (Best Broadcast Feature), where an entry is a series or serial, only one programme from the series or serial shall be submitted.  

Entries will not be accepted after the stated deadline.

Entries for the Best Blog Posting award must be submitted via the link:

For further information regarding the contest, please click the link below.

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