In fiscal year 2002, the National Parks Unit was established as a programme under the Ministry as an interim measure, with the expectation that the National Parks Authority would be established and ready for operation in 2003.

The National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority Act was passed in Parliament, but a consultancy to establish the institutional and regulatory framework for the development of the parks system has been delayed.  It is now envisaged that this consultancy, which is of a six month duration, will commence during the last quarter of 2003 - and will of necessity spill over into 2004.

Given the above, the Ministry has resubmitted the National Parks Unit as a programme, with the recommendation that once the institutional and regulatory framework is established and the Authority becomes functional, the resources of the Unit will be transferred accordingly to the Authority. Provision was therefore made only for the National Parks Unit of  2004.

With the establishment of the Authority, Cabinet was asked to approve remuneration for the Board along with the appropriate subvention.

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