The Corporate Plan and Advanced Proposals for the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture for 2004 - 2006 outline the direction which the Ministry expects to take in respect of the development of the tourism industry and the promotion and development of the Vincentian culture in all its dimensions.

The critical role of tourism in the economy and the growing acceptance of culture as a component of the service sector with significant economic potential; underline the importance of both portfolios within the Ministry and the budgetary proposals which follow.

Over the past year the Ministry has made progress on a number of initiatives - in tourism marketing, in cultural renewal, public awareness, human resource development, product development and the legislative agenda etc.

Although it is difficult to measure, it is generally felt that through the various activities undertaken by the Ministry during Heritage Month, Emancipation Month and other similar events; Vincentians are now beginning to cultivate a deeper appreciation of their heritage and this indeed is impacting positively on national pride.

A major setback in the Ministry’s programme, however, has been the delay in establishing the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority. Although the Act has been passed, the establishment of this Authority will be contingent on a consultancy being contracted to provide the necessary technical assistance. The implementation of a number of tourism site development projects also depends on this consultancy being completed and the resulting report acted upon. The Ministry endeavours to have the consultancy commence in late 2003 and prepare the groundwork for the establishment of the Authority in 2004.

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