The St. Vincent and the Grenadines National Trust was established in 1969 to assist with – among other things – the preservation and management of historical monuments and sites and to safeguard the cultural patrimony of the country. Within recent years however, it appeared that interest waned and the Trust remained dormant for sometime.

Recognizing the important role that the Trust could play in restoring pride and building national identity, Cabinet appointed a Board of Trustees to spearhead the revitalization of the Trust with support from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture as parent Ministry. The Trust is now truly revived and has been organizing meetings and a number of activities aimed at building awareness of our heritage.

Meetings of both the Board and the general membership have been held and plans are being developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture for the creation of a National Museum and Art Gallery. The Trust is expected to play an important role in the preservation and promotion of the nation’s cultural heritage and in safeguarding such for posterity. As such, Government took the decision to allocate office space at the downstairs of the Carnegie Building for the National Trust. This space has now been renovated and now serves as the Headquarters of the National Trust.

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