The Functions of the Carnival Development Corporation are as follows:

  • Creating adequate sub-committees which shall be responsible for producing carnival shows under the auspices of the corporation;

  • Co-ordinating all the carnival activities;

  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies for the promotion of the carnival and other festival;

  • Securing financial and other sponsorship for the carnival;

  • Acting as the co-ordinating and facilitating body for the carnival activities;

  • Preparing and issuing guidelines for the organisation of and participating in the various carnival shows;

  • Organising competitive shows within the carnival season;

  • Preparing an annual budget that must be submitted to the Minister for approval;

  • Providing prize monies to the persons entitled to such;

  • Consulting with the various components of the carnival in order to improve the content of shows;

  • Approving the material contents of calypso and pageant shows in order to ensure compliance with the laws of the State;

  • Preparing and enforcing rules governing the participation in and judge of shows which shall be issued to the relevant persons prior to the finalisation of the programme to which they relate;

  • Ensuring that each component of the carnival submit a list of names of judges who may be requested to perform their duties;

  • Collecting scores and ensuring that results are promptly released;

  • Ensuring that the components of carnival are allowed to conduct their internal affairs without interference, save and except that where irreconcilable differences arise within and between any components of carnival, the corporation shall have the authority to make final determinations in order to safeguard the integrity of the carnival festivity;

  • Submitting quarterly reports to the Minister;

  • Assisting the pan, calypso and mass component of the carnival with organising their activities.


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