Coastal Protection for Climate Change Adaptation for Small Island States in the Caribbean (CPCCA) Project


Due to the importance of coastal ecosystems for reducing the negative impacts of climate change for CARICOM countries, the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ) through financing from the German Development Bank (KfW) is supporting CARICOM in this project. The project concerns the implementation of local adaptation measures for the sustainable improvement of ecosystems relevant for climate change adaptation. The project will follow a bottom-up approach in which governmental and non-governmental institutions in participating countries apply with proposals to pursue Local Adaptation Measures (LAMs).  The project is comprised of two main components:

Component 1: Investments for sustainable improvements of coastal ecosystems relevant for climate change adaptation, including:
Measures related to the protection and sustainable management of ecosystems relevant to adaptation;
Measures related to the rehabilitation of substitution of ecosystems relevant for adaptation; and,
Measures related to the monitoring of coastal ecosystems.

Component 2: Assistance in the preparation and implementation of LAMs, including:
Assistance in the preparation and implementation of LAMs;
Monitoring of project goals and impacts; and,
Systemisation and dissemination of project experiences (best practices and lessons learnt).

Donor: the German Development Bank (KfW)

Grant amount: € 12.9 million

Duration: June 2014 to December 2018

Target countries: Grenada, Jamaica, St Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines

Executed/Implemented by: Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC)

Overall objective

To contribute to the reduction of climate change induced risks for the population of Small Island States of the Caribbean.

Project objective

To improve ecosystem services that reduces the impact of climate change on coastal areas.

Approved LAMs

SVG obtained approval for 3 activities under this project totalling approximately EC $4.8 million from the project and additional EC $2.6 million in in-kind contribution. The projects are:

1. Ministry of Transport etc – “Building resilience of the Sandy Bay community to the impacts of climate change through shoreline protection” (this project will construct a revetment in Sandy Bay, in the area below the old primary school, and also re-plant some indigenous species which can be used in making craft; there is also a public awareness component);

2. National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority – “South Coast Marine and Coastal Rehabilitation Adaptation Project to Improve Ecosystem Health and Build Resilience to Climate Change (this project seeks to improve the reef ecosystem and shoreline protection in the South Coast and will also include a public awareness component); and,

3. Sustainable Grenadines Inc. – “Restoring Ashton Lagoon’s Ecosystem Adaptation to Climate Change while Creating Sustainable Livelihoods Opportunities for the people of Union Island (this project seeks to restore the ecosystem in the Ashton Lagoon while providing livelihood opportunities).

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