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Before the end of the decade of the 1930's, Britain was involved in the Second World War of the century. The conflict raged from September 1939 to May 1945.Reference was made earlier to the Cenotaph as the memorial for Vincentian soldiers of World War I.Comments will now be made on the Peace Memorial Hall that was erected in memory of those who were service during World War II.

The Cenotaph that was unveiled on 11th November 1925, was erected in honour of those heroic local soldiers who served and in memory of those who fell in the First World War (1914 - 1918).An idea was then put forward that a fitting memorial should also be erected in honour of those who served and those who lost their lives in the Second World War (1939-1945).That reflective consideration gave birth to the “Peace Memorial Hall” otherwise affectionately known as “Peace Mor'”.

The land on which the building stands belongs to the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.It was leased many years ago by the St. Vincent Export Molasses Co. Ltd for the erection of a warehouse, which fell into disuse when the exportation of molasses was discontinued.The Memorial Hall project was started when Mr. Muller of Nicol Morning Star, (the chief American purchaser if St. Vincent Arrowroot at that time), bought the warehouse for $9,600.00 and gave it to the recently formed Memorial Hall Committee.

The Committee then sold the building for $6,038.70 and used the funds to commence the building of the Memorial Hall.They accepted a tender on 28th November 1950 form Andrew Bastien to construct the Hall at a cost of $10,730.00.

The local fund raising committee, (assisted by the active participation of Miss Nellie Sprott) formed a Peace Memorial Carnival Band in 1950. Through that medium, information about the proposed projected was publicised by members of the band who paraded through Kingstown, mounted on a beautifully decorated lorry.Vincentians were encouraged to support the worthy cause.

That effort realised $85.00. More funds were raised by the raffle of a Vauxhall Car, with tickets sold at $5.00 each.

The building was constructed at a cost of $36,000.00 and was officially opened on 7th December 1951.It was designed to accommodate a capacity of 360 patrons.By all accounts the opening concert held a few days later, was well attended.

The St. Vincent Memorial Hall (Management and Control) Regulations, (Statutory Rules and Orders No 54 of 1954), were Gazetted on 26th October 1954.By virtue of those Statutory rules and regulations, the general management and control of the St Vincent Memorial Hall were to be vested in a 14 member Committee of Management.

The New Peace Memorial Hall

The newly rehabilitated Peace Memorial Hall has been operational since October 2002. The Hall is managed by a Committee of six (6) persons appointed by Cabinet in accordance with the Memorial Hall Act.

It is expected that over the medium term, the Hall will generate enough revenue for its own sustainability; however, in the interim, a subvention from Central Government will be needed to assist in the operations of the Hall.

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